Harvest – Poetry Collection (previously Pandemic Poetry)

Covid 19 has given me the opportunity to pause and reflect. These poems are a result of having to slow down and use my time creatively. I hope you enjoy them.

A Return Visit


Away Days


Back to White



Go, Boys Go

My Mother’s Room

Another Life

My Father

The Shy Bluebell

God Oh! God

Little Sister

The Garden Wall

The Beauty Queen

Young Love

Kiss and Tell

Another World

Hide and Seek

Beautiful Dreamer

Big Brother

No Entry

Hail Mary

Merry Christmas

Tír na nÓg

The Book Press

Town Life

Play Houses

Feet of Clay

World Without End


Sing On

Upside Down

Three Little Maids

A Parting Song

Rock a Bye Baby


The Light of Day

Inside Out

The Other Side

Convent Days

Stepping Out